Engaging Activities for Growing
Confident, Joyful Readers
in the Classroom and at Home

Online activities that build reading foundations with
phonics, sight words, and printables.

Jubilant Reader was created by a father to help his daughter build foundational reading skills and discover the joys of being a reader!

Our online program and printable activities offer supplemental reading practice that’s fun and encouraging, without being overstimulating.

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One day, The Mean Pirate wrote a note to his friend. It was SO mean and SO scary that the letters jumped off the page and ran away! Now the letters are lost in these islands. Pick your game piece and follow the path to find the lost letters, so The Mean Pirate can tell them he’ll never use letters to be mean again.

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How It Works

Jubilant Reader was developed with help from experts in education and reading intervention. Our program is designed to complement any reading curriculum your child is using in homeschool or traditional school.

Phonics Skills -  We help your child learn hundreds of new words by demonstrating each word phonetically - your child will see and hear how each word is sounded out, then practice their new words with our games and activities!

Customized Activities -  Jubilant Reader generates games and activities based on your child’s progress - which means every exercise is customized, every time.

Our combination of online and printable games and activities exposes young learners to new words in a variety of contexts - helping them grow into confident, fluent readers!

Infinite Practice -  Workbooks run out of pages, but Jubilant Reader provides unlimited, customized practice activities to give young learners as much practice as they need to master tricky words.

Story Rewards -  We believe the greatest reward for learning to read is READING! As your child progresses through Jubilant Reader, they’ll unlock access to read-aloud tales that nurture a love for books and stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Jubilant Reader special?

Workbooks run out of pages, and some games and apps rush through learning levels without enough practice or review – but Jubilant Reader uses adaptive algorithms to create unlimited, customized exercises that focus on the areas where your child needs more practice.

With each new word mastered, your child progresses toward unlocking a read-aloud story. Our story library includes both familiar classics and Jubilant Reader original stories – and for fun, each story has illustrations that can also be printed as coloring sheets!

Who is it for?

Jubilant Reader’s activities are designed for beginning readers ages 4-7. Our customized exercises move at each child’s individual pace, so it’s perfect for struggling readers, too.

How do you know if a younger learner is ready for Jubilant Reader? If your child is starting to learn to read and they do pretty well with our Mean Pirate letter sounds game, Jubilant Reader will be a great fit!

What does it teach?

Jubilant Reader helps young learners practice their reading skills with interactive activities – digital and printable – that develop phonemic awareness and build phonics skills. It teaches learners to sound out about 600 words (including over 120 decodable sight words) and covers the most common letter-sound patterns in the English language.

How do I use it?

Jubilant Reader works in any modern web browser on computers, tablets, and phone - making it perfect for extra reading practice at home, in the classroom, or on the go!

To see consistent reading progress, we recommend that children use Jubilant Reader for around 20 minutes, 4-5 days a week.

This sounds great - how much does it cost?

Everyone can try out Jubilant Reader for FREE for 30 days! A family subscription, which supports up to 3 children is $100/year. Contact us for more information about classroom pricing for schools. Visit our sign-up page for details.


from Dr. Fluker, School Director

I have used Jubilant Reader as a supplemental resource for my students, as well as for my son. The program has been helpful for my students to practice their reading skills so they can quickly identify words.

The way Jubilant Reader sounds out each part of the word, and says the whole word, helps students with blending letter sounds. I like the simplicity of the program and how we can use it daily for quick practice and learning new words, along with the reading curriculum we are already using.

from Mrs. Owens, Reading Interventionist

I am a language teacher … I have been using the program with two older special needs students. They enjoy the program. I've also used it with my 4 year old grandson and he has enjoyed it.

Make learning to read a joy!